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Onyx Strategic Insights helps clients build resilient and adaptable global strategies through the lens of geopolitics and macroeconomics.

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Understand how global forces will shape your business. 

We work with with clients you and your team to identify which global macro and geopolitical factors are most directly relevant to your their current business and future strategy. Our analysis is forward-looking, tailored and designed to separate noise from what really matters to you.


See the potential economic impact that macro forces will have on your business.

We turn risks and scenarios into actionable insights by forecasting the economic impact of macro forces on your business, including supply, demand, cost and other key variables. By quantifying impact, we help you and your team identify priorities for action, from strategic planning to risk management.


Identify and evaluate your options.

Our team of experts will help you assess the economic and strategic trade-offs of a range of options and identify the best course of action that meets your strategic needs and expectations.


Track performance developments and anticipate changes.

We develop customized risk monitoring plans so we can keep track of the issues that matter to your business. We also help you and your team separate noise from what really matters by assessing the impact of key developments and helping you prioritize where to invest time and resources in managing new risks and opportunities. Our analysis is curated, actionable and evidence-driven.


Our service offering is designed to reduce uncertainty, identify options, and deliver actionable insights. 

Client engagements range from bespoke projects, workshops, and presentations to ongoing retainer support.


What We Do

Consider Your Market

Market & Target Assessments

  • Consider how the market is changing as you decide where to source, produce, and sell
  • Know what’s in store when you enter a new market, go into a new segment or acquire a new company
Support Your Strategy

Strategy & Planning

  • Support at every stage of your strategic-level needs
  • Global, corporate, regional, and product / segment levels
Evaluate Risks

Risk Management

  • Understand how macro forces shape your strategic supply chain risks
  • Evaluate options
  • Global, regional, and product levels




Our Leadership

Fernanda Kroup

Vice President

Head of Onyx

Craig Elwin


Head of Business Development

Adam Karson


Chief Economist

Nicolaas Beehler


Head of Business Performance and Technology


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