The Kooples: Fashion Forward Freight

"Expeditors has been great at reacting to our demands on a daily basis... They're able to work with us on specific problems that might not pertain to other clients." 

Gabriel Blanchette

  North American Logistics Manager of The Kooples 


Expeditors’ partnership with The Kooples started in August 2013. The Kooples (a French term for “the couples”) is a high-end French fashion brand offering sophisticated Parisian collections that fit the tastes of men, women, and couples.

In order to adapt to the rapidly changing retail industry, it is crucial that The Kooples have access to a supply chain that not only delivers customers’ orders on time and in full, but one that is also highly flexible and adaptive.  

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Fashion rack
The Kooples- packing list

Custom Packing Lists 

With the objective to maintain brand consistency across The Kooples’ global operations, Expeditors provided our customer with expertise in distribution services.

One requirement of the business was the ability to generate custom packing lists for e-commerce shipments. Our technology has the flexibility to design custom packing lists and carton labels, allowing The Kooples to have consistent packaging across their entire supply chain. 

Optimizing Inventory

Data you can trust 

While handling The Kooples’ e-commerce, retail, and wholesale orders, our EXP.O tools provide our customer with the insight to manage inventory and increase inventory turn. This type of technology and visibility leads to creating a leaner inventory while minimizing costs in the process.

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exp.o data and analytics

Expeditors Warehouse- high density rack

Creating Storage Space

During the winter season when large, over-sized jackets are in high demand, storage space is limited. As a solution, we created a design that mitigates the need for heavy fluctuations in inventory space.

This is accomplished through a high-density mezzanine rack system that quickly alternates between GOH (Garment on Hanger) and flat packed locations. This space is designed to hold a large quantity of garments along with upholding the quality of The Kooples’ valuable and unique products. 

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Responding to Priority Orders 

In the dynamic e-commerce environment, there are significant fluctuations in volume demand and shipment levels between standard and express shipping. Through historical planning, collaboration, and forecasting, our teams make it a priority to react to these peak times, ensuring that shipments are urgently sent to their end customers.

Additionally, our systems can quickly identify express orders and prioritize these in the queue. This allows us to provide order fulfillment services focused on shipment priorities. 

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